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 Погода в Україні
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The “read” word.

The desire to learn something new is found in all people. However, the individual chooses their own path to knowledge. Some sit in the library every day, working through tons of books and defending a dissertation, for others a weekly newspaper is enough, a third type lives online looking for important and not so important information.

It might be to the point to mention here the famous saying: "It's never too late to learn." And in the process of their studies, in their formation for the priesthood, Drohobych Seminary students work on publishing a seminary magazine, "Word". The number of Church publications, compared with previous years, has increased greatly, and perhaps many graduates of seminaries will have to undertake publishing or journalistic activities, especially when they begin their pastoral ministry.

In 1998 the magazine "Word" was released with a small number of copies for our Seminary only, but in 2003 a group of like-minded students decided to distribute the magazine to a wider readership, so that the magazine reached beyond the Seminary.

The magazine is of interest not only to students of the Seminary, its subjects are always relevant for young people, and for lay people and priests and monks. So we can say that it has grown beyond a “home made and consumed” product. It is no exaggeration to say that the editorial board of the magazine "Word" consists of everyone at the Drohobych Seminary, and that all seminarians are the original generators of the ideas that are successfully implemented.

In the Seminary, editing the magazine has became an important educational activity. Here students acquire journalistic skills, editorial and organizational practice, and deal with the difficult problems that arise in Church life. Many of those who have worked on the student magazine, are now actively involved in the life of the Church.

Members of the current editorial board are: Roman Andriyovskyy (Editor), Rostislav Pryriz (deputy editor), Roman Hrom, Roman Ilnytskyy, Roman Kich, Andriy Hladkyy

For individual issues of the magazine "Word" - see here.

We are sincerely grateful to all who help finance the "Word". Please contact us at:

Magazine "Slovo (Word)"
Duhovna Seminaria
vul. D. Halytsjkoho 2
82100 m. Drohobych
Lvivsjka obl.
Tel/Fax: +380324421704
Tel.: +380324438649

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